24 April 2024

April's Joyful Pens: Favorites for Planning and Journaling

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You know instinctually when an object sparks joy—the feel in your hands, the color, and weight. Pens, like wands in Harry Potter, seem to find the individual they match perfectly. When it comes to my favorite pens for planning and journaling, each one holds a special place in my heart, elevating my daily tasks into moments of delight.

Fountain Pens for Journaling Magic Moments

For journaling, I prefer the smooth feel of a fountain pen gliding across Tomoe River paper. My trusted companion for the past three years has been the Nanami Cafe Notes journal paired with the Platinum 3776 fountain pen. Its lightweight design and rounded edges bring me immense joy every time I write. The Japanese fine nib, ranging from 0.28 to 0.34 mm, adds precision to my writing, while my ink choice usually leans towards the dark grey, brown, black family with a hint of purple. Currently, I'm enjoying the Fuyu Shoguyn Old Man Winter ink by Pilot—a medium grey with a purple undertone that adds a touch of sophistication to my journal entries.

Planning with Ballpoint Precision

When it comes to planning, I appreciate the precision of a ballpoint pen. My current favorite is the Caran d'Ache 849 Swiss Made ballpoint from the Paul Smith collaboration in Chartreuse Yellow and Rose Pink. The vibrant colors of this pen, particularly the unexpected pop of green-yellow, never fail to uplift my mood. Paired with CreffectivePaper weekly inserts printed on Kokuyo copy paper in my Van Der Spek personal size planner and Uni Jetstream ink in 0.38, this setup keeps me organized and motivated. The pen fits perfectly in my VDS 10mm pen loop, ensuring I can write comfortably wherever I am.

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Daily Writing with Purpose

In a world dominated by digital tools, the tactile experience of stationery creates magical moments in the everyday. Each pen, paper, and ink choice reflects not just functionality but also personal style and preference. Whether it's the elegance of a fountain pen or the precision of a ballpoint, the right tools can transform routine tasks into moments of joy and creativity.

Stationery isn't just about functionality—it's about sparking joy. Take the time to explore different options, experiment with colors and textures, and let your stationery choices reflect your unique personality and preferences. A pen that sparks joy is more than a writing tool; it's a companion that can makes every word meaningful. So, embrace the joy of writing and surround yourself with stationery that brings a smile to your face every time you pick it up.


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